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Did you enjoy our Christmas news?

Check out the step by step on how to buy and use the Allcatrazes Gift Card! We also gathered here the most frequently asked questions to help and, whenever you need, you can contact us through our Instagram or WhatsApp +55 (51) 9210-5132.


STEP BY STEP | For those who are giving the gift:

  1. Select the amount that you want to give as a gift on the website and purchase it normally, as if it were a product. (Filling in your details, payment methods and etc.);
  2. Then you will receive an email containing the gift card code;
  3. This code is what must be informed to the person that will receive the gift, so that they can use it.


STEP BY STEP | For those who receive the gift:

  1. Go to and select the products you want to purchase;
  2. When finalizing the shopping cart, enter your code in the “Gift Card” box on the right of the screen. The value of the gift card will be reduced from the final purchase price;
  3. Finalize your purchase as normal as with any order.




What is a digital gift card?

The digital gift card is a voucher that becomes immediately available by email. This is a great option for those who have a hard time choosing gifts or who are in doubt about more specific product issues (color, size ..) The good thing is that there is no mistake!


Where can I buy Allcatrazes gift cards?

 You can buy gift cards at on the “All products” page or within any product category / tab.


Can the gift card only be used to purchase products from the tab of the website where it was purchased?

No, any of our gift cards can be used on all products in our store.


Allcatrazes electronic gift cards are available in which prices?

Gift cards are available in 10 different amounts ​​between R$ 75.00 and R$ 400.00, all options can be checked and purchased on our website.


Does the gift card have an expiration date?

Yes. It can be redeemed within 1 year after it´s purchase.


Can the gift card be used to cover shipping charges?

No. Even if there is enough credit on the gift card to pay the freight, it cannot be used for that purpose.