#MDCA01 Campaign

#MDCA01 Campaign

MDCA - Child and Adolescent Movement

The first edition of the Bombordo Project was launched in partnership with the MDCA (Movement for Children and Adolescents) in Porto Alegre. The institution aims at the social inclusion of children and adolescents from families who are in a vulnerable situation. The Movement works by carrying out social assistance, education and professionalization actions, encouraging young people to attend school and develop.

Among the principles of the organization are the culture of peace, solidarity, respect for differences, understanding, caring for the planet and living the human rights of children and adolescents.

"The most profound and unfair mark of Brazilian society is inequality. In order for them to be free and autonomous citizens, the MDCA defends the rights of children and adolescents, which is only achieved through education and citizenship."


Check out more about the institution's work on the official website http://mdca.org.br/index.php


During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis many of the MDCA-assisted families are in need due to quarantine. Therefore, Allcatrazes launched the first edition # MDCA01 of the Bombordo Project.

When purchasing our products through the website, 10% of the value will be converted to the collection of food necessary for these families!