Reflection of attitudes, indirect of nature

Reflection of attitudes, indirect of nature

“These days, I came across a post that started like this:“ They say that the universe communicates with us in subtle and mysterious ways. But, for me he is screaming, in favor of our awakening. We have unbalanced nature and it has given its signals. It is impossible not to notice. ” - André Carvalhal

I decided to bring in this post the same beginning, with the intention of AWAKENING in you the same feeling that I had, reflection.

At first, thinking about sustainability as an indispensable element can cause some discomfort, as we change our habits. I understand that in my daily life, here at Allcatrazes or in my personal life, and I believe that in yours too, everything will not change overnight, but I feel that the pandemic has shown us (read, left The indirect ) that we may be sailing the wrong way.

The new coronavirus has highlighted how fragile we are. A microscopic organism was able to slow down the countries' economy, arrest us at home, destabilize institutions and companies. It is difficult to digest everything, but we need to get out of our anthropocentric view. Nature does not need us, on the contrary, it is we who need it.

However, what worries me most is not just the waste of waste we produce, but the waste of TIME. We are taking too long to seek alternatives in our lives for a more attuned world ...

To the conclusion? I leave a sentence: See what we can change in small actions day after day, this harmonizes very well with me and with you ... sailors, sportsmen, adventurers ... as well as on the boat, an adjustment and an evolution every mile sailed. "

- Martina Protskof Szabo, partner of Allcatrazes and helmsman of the marketing crew