From Alcatrazes by Starboard to Allcatrazes!

From Alcatrazes by Starboard to Allcatrazes!

The Alcatrazes by Starboard is the traditional opening race of Ilhabela's Sailing Week. Started in the 1980s, the regatta was named Eldorado-Alcatrazes by Starboard and was authorized by the Brazilian Navy amid discussions about making the archipelago a National Park or being the target of cannon fire.

The traditional route has 60 nautical miles (the equivalent to 111 km) and is the longest of all competition. The official record was of the Argentine sailboat Cusi 5 (S40), which made in 6h12min29s in 2009. Of the Brazilians, ESPN Brasil reached the mark of 9h34min53s in 1998. In the short course, the record was from the Crioula Team with 6h01min42s, who completed the race with less than 55 miles.

The race is considered difficult for the crews because there is a long period of sailing at night and inside the canal. The weather conditions of the streak are usually well-rounded winds, sometimes even stopped in some places, and strong current. The dispute consists of going around the archipelago of the north coast of São Paulo to the Northeast.


The Island

Considered one of the most beautiful rocky shores of the Brazilian coast, Alcatrazes Island is the main island of the archipelago that bears the same name, reaching up to 200 height meter's. The set of islands and islets, have rocks, parcels, and slabs bringing to those who see from the outside a real work of natural art made of granite in the middle of the sea. It is traditionally known in the nautical environment and is an important reference for navigation, or to shelter in case of bad weather forecast.

The Alcatrazes archipelago is located approximately 45km from the Port of São Sebastião, and in addition to the main island, it has the islands of Sapata, Paredão, Porto or Farol and do Sul, in addition to 4 other islets that were never named, 5 slabs (Duplo, Singela, do Paredão, Farol and Negra) and two parcels (Northeast and Southeast). The Wildlife Refuge (REVIS) has 67,479, 29 hectares.

Its name comes from one of the largest local populations, the brown booby birds, also known as "alcatraz", which means diver in Arabic - due to its ability to dive into the sea and catch fish and squid.



The Allcatrazes brand carries this name because it appeared in the dispute of the 44th Ilhabela's Sailing Week, in which the creators of the brand Martina Protskof Szabo and Taylã de Freitas participated.

“The race was very difficult, the crew was assembled at the last minute, including our invitation to run. We were aboard Saudade, a boat designed for crossings. We started with 20 knots of stern wind towards the island, a high degree of technical difficulty for those who had stepped on that deck for the first time”, explained Martina.

The event was so important for the couple that it was the start of the company:

“When we started thinking about the brand's name, we were looking for something that was extremely relevant to us. A super striking race for both was the right decision, especially since the race filled us with surprises from the start to the arrival at the club ”, concluded Taylã.

The Allcatrazes crew was born in the water, setting up buoys and regulating sails, nothing more fair to have had his start after meeting closelyone of the most traditional regattas in Brazil!