BLACK FLAG - A reconnection with our habitat

BLACK FLAG - A reconnection with our habitat

It doesn't even seem like it started this year. In a completely unexpected way, 8 months ago we had to retire, get away from the adrenaline we love so much, and wait at home for a more peaceful dawn. As lovers of challenges and unpredictability, it was frustrating to feel that every day was the same. After all, waking up and knowing that nothing different is going to happen is disheartening.

We know it wasn't just here, we saw the whole world stop. We watched the quarantine spread around the globe and knew that our turn would come. But, we never imagined that so much would change so fast, nor how much it would impact the functioning of the collective and each one of us, individually.

We look for ways to reinvent ourselves every day. We changed our habits, our way of studying and working, our way of communicating and meeting with those we love ... Birthdays have become virtual, hugs have been put on hold and we know it was difficult to accept the provisional reality, but we also knew the need for these attitudes.

In that time we learned new skills. Some people have perfected themselves in the kitchen, others have read the books that have been on the shelves for years, and some even took the opportunity to reorganize and renovate the house. All this in an attempt to occupy the head while we waited anxiously for the moment when we could be reunited.

We didn't think it would last that long. There were moments when it seemed that it would never pass, that we would be in this forever, and in fact we are still far from an end. Eventual positive news sparked a spark of hope, but we all went through the moment when it was difficult to keep the TV on listening to the scenario update. Bombarded with more information than we could absorb, we got tired. It was challenging to remain positive and calm in the midst of so much negative information.

As much as we try to anticipate the bursts, we do not always give the edge that favors the most. There are days when it is difficult to visualize the lane clearly and we keep going against the current to try to get up. As every story has commas, little by little, we started to contemplate possibilities that seemed to make all this waiting worthwhile. Even the worst losses teach us and bring gain, and looking back it is already possible to see with a different eye what we have been through.

We all changed a little bit at that point. We got stuck with ourselves and were led to reflect a little on who we are and what we want. We spend too much time with our thoughts, which causes an inherent evolution. We take the opportunity to reevaluate our list of priorities, redefining pillars, while maintaining the same essence that always seeks to explore the new and the unknown.

Now we are breathing fresh air again. It is important to be aware that we will still have relapses, but we can already feel things redefining themselves and returning to plumb. With all that we went through, we returned to mother earth with a different look, from whatever point of view it is, we are certainly not the same anymore, we are better. We will live with more intensity, we will give ourselves to the moments in a deeper way and we will always try to be evolving.

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Text by: Catarina (Bis) Weck Glashester


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