Allcatrazes develops customized products to match your routine

Allcatrazes develops customized products to match your routine

All of our products are strategically designed to meet the daily needs and during the sports practice of our audience. Over time, we seek to bring more individuality through personalization.

“Customizations are only made by order because it is a very specific job for the person, club or class. I am responsible for all development on the creation side, passing the model, the color, the way it will be done, whether it is how the customer wants it or not ”, explains Taylã de Freitas, a partner at the company.

Recently, one of our great cases was for the Zé Carioca Flotilla of the Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro. It was a large scale production for one of the sports reference clubs here in Brazil and that have been standing out, among several classes, also at Optimist. Fleet captain, coaches and athletes received the Allcatrazes model with the ICRJ logo and their embroidered names, in addition, of course, to the Brazilian flag for international achievements.

Allcatrazes-ICRJ Allcatrazes-ICRJ

“They liked it a lot! The personalized backpack is special, it helps to strengthen the identity that we belong to the same Club, specially with the exposure of a high quality and very beautiful product. The sailors who have the backpack are satisfied to have something very good, and those who do not have, desire to have it”, says Ricardo Baggio, the“ Kadu ”, Class Flotilla Captain at ICRJ.

But that was just one of the stories. In addition to them, we have also developed exclusive products for the 2019 Star Sailors League Technical Team, Henry Boening, Robert Scheidt, Henrique Haddad and Lucca Modena, for Classes J70 and Laser, Clube de Campos de São Paulo, Yacht Club Santo Amaro (YCSA) and the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela). In addition to them, we made specific backpacks with the championships logo, as was the example of the 2019 Asian Optimist Class Championship (OMAN). "It was super valid because the championships are still a memory, it is very striking for the athlete", says Martina Protskof Szabo, a partner in the company.


One thing that I think is very good about Allcatrazes is the customization of the products. You have the backpack with your name, country flag, class symbol, sponsors ... it's really cool because you arrive at the event and you get more professional, identified, different from the others”, comments Henry Boening, the “Maguila”, Star Class athlete.

"We find the idea of ​​personalization very interesting, as we want to encourage teams within the country. This is something that is developing and we need to support it more and more. We have very good athletes in Brazil and I believe that this enhances the idea of ​​a team making something more professional", points out Martina.

Personalized products are made by order only. The customer specifies how he would like his backpack and we mock it up for approval. Once approved, we developed a pilot model in large cases (such as those of the ICRJ). If not, the equipment is made for the client with Allcatrazes quality.